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Maxim产品 - MAX1654介绍
MAX1654 - 高效率、PWM、降压型DC-DC控制器,16引脚QSOP封装


MAX1654 - 高效率、PWM、降压型DC-DC控制器,16引脚QSOP封装 - DC-DC开关调节器 - 10A DSP/CPU核电源,提供二次侧输出,采用节省空间的QSOP封装 - 美信半导体


The MAX1652-MAX1655 are high-efficiency, pulse-width-modulated (PWM), step-down DC-DC controllers in small QSOP packages. The MAX1653/MAX1655 also come in 16-pin narrow SO packages that are pin-compatible upgrades to the popular MAX797. Improvements include higher duty-cycle operation for better dropout, lower quiescent supply currents for better light-load efficiency, and an output voltage down to 1V (MAX1655).

The MAX1652-MAX1655 achieve up to 96% efficiency and deliver up to 10A using a unique Idle Mode™ synchronous-rectified PWM control scheme. These devices automatically switch between PWM operation at heavy loads and pulse-frequency-modulated (PFM) operation at light loads to optimize efficiency over the entire output current range. The MAX1653/MAX1655 also feature logic-controlled, forced PWM operation for noise-sensitive applications.

All devices operate with a selectable 150kHz/300kHz switching frequency, which can also be synchronized to an external clock signal. Both external power switches are inexpensive N-channel MOSFETs, which provide low resistance while saving space and reducing cost.

The MAX1652 and MAX1654 have an additional feedback pin that permits regulation of a low-cost second output tapped from a transformer winding. The MAX1652 provides an additional positive output. The MAX1654 provides an additional negative output.

The MAX1652-MAX1655 have a 4.5V to 30V input voltage range. The MAX1652/MAX1653/MAX1654's output range is 2.5V to 5.5V while the MAX1655's output range extends down to 1V. An evaluation kit (MAX1653EVKit) is available to speed designs.

  • 以下关键特性由Maxim美信半导体提供:
  • 96% Efficiency
  • Small, 16-Pin QSOP Package (half the size of a 16-pin narrow SO)
  • Pin-Compatible with MAX797 (MAX1653/MAX1655)
  • Output Voltage Down to 1V (MAX1655)
  • 4.5V to 30V Input Range
  • 99% Duty Cycle for Lower Dropout
  • 170µA Quiescent Supply Current
  • 3µA Logic-Controlled Shutdown
  • Dual, N-Channel, Synchronous-Rectified Control
  • Fixed 150kHz/300kHz PWM Switching, or Synchronized from 190kHz to 340kHz
  • Programmable Soft Start
  • Low-Cost Secondary Outputs (MAX1652/MAX1654)
  • Synchronous rectifier, secondary output regulation, high efficiency over full IOUT range
  • 热门应用
  • 蜂窝电话
  • 分布式电源
  • 手持式计算机
  • 手持终端
  • 移动通信
  • 笔记本电脑
  • PDA
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