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Maxim产品 - MAX738A介绍
MAX738A - 5V、降压型、电流模式PWM DC-DC转换器

MAX738A是Maxim美信半导体公司的一款DC-DC开关调节器产品,MAX738A是5V、降压型、电流模式PWM DC-DC转换器,本站介绍了MAX738A的封装应用图解、特点和优点、功能等,并给出了与MAX738A相关的Maxim元器件型号供参考。

MAX738A - 5V、降压型、电流模式PWM DC-DC转换器 - DC-DC开关调节器 - 对于新设计推荐使用性能更好的器件:MAX1684/MAX1685 - 美信半导体


The MAX730A/MAX738A/MAX744A are 5V-output CMOS, step-down switching regulators. The MAX738A/MAX744A accept inputs from 6V to 16V and deliver 750mA. The MAX744A guarantees 500mA load capability for inputs above 6V and has tighter oscillator frequency limits for low-noise (radio) applications. The MAX730A accepts inputs between 5.2V and 11V and delivers 450mA for inputs above 6V. Typical efficiencies are 85% to 96%. Quiescent supply current is 1.7mA and only 6µA in shutdown.

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) current-mode control provides precise output regulation and excellent transient responses. Output voltage accuracy is guaranteed to be ±5% over line, load, and temperature variations. Fixed-frequency switching allows easy filtering of output ripple and noise, as well as the use of small external components. These regulators require only a single inductor value to work in most applications, so no inductor design is necessary.

The MAX730A/MAX738A/MAX744A also feature cycle-by-cycle current limiting, overcurrent limiting, undervoltage lockout, and programmable soft-start protection.

  • 以下关键特性由Maxim美信半导体提供:
  • 750mA Load Currents (MAX738A/MAX744A)
  • High-Frequency, Current-Mode PWM
  • 159kHz to 212.5kHz Guaranteed Oscillator Frequency Limits (MAX744A)
  • 85% to 96% Efficiencies
  • 1.7mA Quiescent Current
  • 6µA Shutdown Supply Current
  • Single Preselected Inductor Value, No Component Design Required
  • Overcurrent, Soft-Start, and Undervoltage Lockout Protection
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
  • 8-Pin DIP/SO Packages (MAX730A)
  • 热门应用
  • 蜂窝电话
  • 计算机外设
  • 分布式供电系统
  • 个人通信装置
  • 便携式仪表
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