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Maxim产品 - MAX5177介绍
MAX5177 - 低功耗、串行、12位DAC,带有加载-感应电压输出


MAX5177 - 低功耗、串行、12位DAC,带有加载-感应电压输出 - 数据转换器和采样-保持电路 - 单通道、串行、电压输出DAC,采用QSOP封装 - 美信半导体


The MAX5175/MAX5177 low-power, serial, voltage-output, 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) feature a precision output amplifier in a space-saving 16-pin QSOP package. The MAX5175 operates from a single +5V supply, and the MAX5177 operates from a single +3V supply. The output amplifier's inverting input is available to allow specific gain configurations, remote sensing, and high output current capability. This makes the MAX5175/MAX5177 ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial process control. Both devices draw only 260µA of supply current, which reduces to 1µA in shutdown mode. In addition, the programmable power-up reset feature allows for a user-selectable output voltage state of either 0 or midscale.

The 3-wire serial interface is compatible with SPI™, QSPI™, and MICROWIRE™ standards. An input register followed by a DAC register provides a double-buffered input, allowing the registers to be updated independently or simultaneously with a 16-bit serial word. Additional features include software and hardware shutdown, shutdown lockout, a hardware reset pin, and a reference input capable of accepting DC and offset AC signals. These devices provide a programmable digital output pin for added functionality and a serial-data output pin for daisy-chaining. All logic inputs are TTL/CMOS compatible and are internally buffered with Schmitt triggers to allow direct interfacing to optocouplers.

The MAX5175/MAX5177 incorporate a proprietary on-chip circuit that keeps the output voltage virtually "glitch free," limiting the glitches to a few millivolts during power-up.Both devices come in 16-pin QSOP packages and are specified for the extended (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range. The MAX5171/MAX5173 are 14-bit pin-compatible upgrades to the MAX5175/MAX5177. For pin-compatible DACs with an internal reference, see the 13-bit MAX5132/MAX5133 and 12-bit MAX5122/MAX5123.

  • 以下关键特性由Maxim美信半导体提供:
  • ±1 LSB INL
  • 1µA Shutdown Current
  • "Glitch Free" Output Voltage at Power-Up
  • Single-Supply Operation
  • +5V (MAX5175)
  • +3V (MAX5177)
  • Full-Scale Output Range
  • +2.048V (MAX5177, VREF = +1.25V)
  • +4.096V (MAX5175, VREF = +2.5V)
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier
  • Adjustable Output Offset
  • Low THD (-80dB) in Multiplying Operation
  • SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE-Compatible 3-Wire Serial Interface
  • Programmable Shutdown Mode and Power-Up Reset (0 or midscale)
  • Buffered Output Capable of Driving 4-20mA or 5kΩ || 100pF Loads
  • User-Programmable Digital Output Pin Allows Serial Control of External Components
  • 14-Bit Upgrades Available (MAX5171/MAX5173)
  • 热门应用
  • 数字增益与失调控制
  • 数字可编程4mA至20mA电流环
  • 通用产品
  • 工业过程控制
  • 运动控制
  • 远端工业控制
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