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Maxim产品 - MAX6326介绍
MAX6326 - 3引脚、SC70/SOT封装、超低功耗的微处理器复位电路


MAX6326 - 3引脚、SC70/SOT封装、超低功耗的微处理器复位电路 - 监控电路、电压监测、排序 - 业内功耗最低的复位IC,仅消耗500nA电流,无需外部元件 - 美信半导体


The MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328/MAX6346/MAX6347/MAX6348 microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits monitor the power supplies in µP and digital systems. These devices provide excellent circuit reliability and low cost by eliminating external components and adjustments when used with 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, and 5V powered circuits.

These circuits perform a single function: they assert a reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage declines below a preset threshold, keeping it asserted for at least 100ms after VCC has risen above the reset threshold. The only difference between the devices is their output. The MAX6326/MAX6346 (push-pull) and MAX6328/MAX6348 (open-drain) have an active-low reset output. The MAX6327/MAX6347 have an active-high push-pull reset output. All of these parts are guaranteed to be in the correct state for VCC down to 1V. The reset comparator is designed to ignore fast transients on VCC. Reset thresholds are factory-trimmable between 2.2V and 4.63V, in approximately 100mV increments. Twenty-one standard versions are available. Contact the factory for availability of nonstandard versions.

Ultra-low supply currents (1µA max for the MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328) make these parts ideal for use in portable equipment. All six devices are available in space-saving SOT23 and SC70 packages.

  • 以下关键特性由Maxim美信半导体提供:
  • Ultra-Low 1µA (max) Supply Current (MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328)
  • Precision Monitoring of 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, and 5V Power-Supply Voltages
  • Reset Thresholds Available from 2.2V to 4.63V
  • Fully Specified Over Temperature
  • 100ms (min) Power-On Reset Pulse Width
  • Low Cost
  • Available in Three Versions: Push-Pull Active-Low RESET, Push-Pull RESET, and Open-Drain Active-Low RESET
  • Power-Supply Transient Immunity
  • No External Components
  • 3-Pin SC70/SOT23 Packages
  • Pin Compatible with MAX803/MAX809/MAX810
  • 热门应用
  • 计算机:台式机、工作站和服务器
  • 控制器
  • 精确的µP与µC电源监控
  • 智能仪表
  • 便携式电池供电设备
  • 下面可能是您感兴趣的美信半导体公司监控电路、电压监测、排序元器件
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  • MAX9986A - SiGe、高线性度、815MHz至1000MHz下变频混频器,带有LO缓冲器/开关
  • MAX1846 - 高效率、电流模式、反相PWM控制器
  • MAX873A|MAX873B - 低功耗、低漂移、+2.5V/+5V/+10V精密电压基准
  • MAX6634 - 12位 + 符号位温度传感器,带有SMBus/I²C兼容串行接口
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  • MAX3293 - 20Mbps、+3.3V、SOT23封装、RS-485/RS-422发送器
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